Business Consulting Services

Advican Consulting provides customized business development solutions that creates brand awareness, strengthens customer loyalty and generates new opportunities. We create long-term value for our clients from new customers, emerging markets and strategic relationships. Win with us today.

Start your Business

  • Conceptualization

    New business idea? We can hash out your concept and formulate the right strategy.

  • Brand Design

    Develop the right branding for your business that aligns with your vision and mission.

  • Name Research

    We develop business and product names that standout from the rest.

  • Website Design

    Business website, landing pages, mobile app design and development.

Build your Business

  • Management Consulting

    Work with us to develop solutions for complex business challenges.

  • Business Innovation

    Innovative ideas around business development, customer service, products and service.

  • Sales Management

    Implement proven sales techniques and assist in managing your sales operations.

  • Software Development

    Leverage IT to transform business operations and gain a competitive edge.

  • Strategic Planning

    We set priorities, strengthen operations and ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Business Development

    Long-term value for your organization from customers, new markets and relationships.

  • Project Management

    Keeping your team on track to implement business objectives.

  • Vendor Acquisition

    Finding and working with the right vendors to achieve business objectives.

Promote your Business

  • Marketing Strategy

    Mission to build awareness, increase sales and achieve a competitive advantage.

  • Social Media

    Campaigns that build brand awareness, engages your audience and grows your brand.

  • Digital Marketing

    Strategic social media and original content development and publishing.

  • Online Advertising

    Online advertising management that convert your leads into sales.

Launch your Product

  • Market Research

    Researching the data critical to planning for market penetration and business growth.

  • Outsourcing

    Global network of trusted suppliers with lower pricing and superb quality.

  • Product Development

    Product to market from ideation through design, manufacturing and introduction.

  • International Markets

    Capture market share by introducing your product or service to emerging markets.


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