Advican Small Business Consulting Services

John Hernandez

John Hernandez

Welcome to We are a boutique consulting firm based in New York City that provides customized business development solutions for small businesses.

We assist emerging companies in creating and managing strategic relationships that drive long-term growth. We utilize a proven method to deliver actionable results in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

We are business development experts that fuel growth. We will create long-term strategic value for your business from customers, new markets and relationships.

Most importantly we understand the entrepreneur because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. We intimately know the emotional roller coaster ride including all the highs and lows that small business owners go through on a daily basis.

Our clients are able to leverage external expertise to expand their products, services and market reach without the need to invest in building them with internal resources.

We have a passion for working with amazing entrepreneurs and over the years we have effectively guided numerous companies in achieving their full potential.

Let us weave our practiced knowledge to deliver impactful, sustainable and strategic results for your small business.

We are Advican a new type of small business consulting company that will help you create, develop and grow. Be sure to check out our small business consulting solutionsexpertise and portfolio of work.

John Hernandez serves as the CEO and Senior Business Consultant of Advican, a boutique consulting firm helping small businesses reach their full potential. John has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in his own business ventures as well as consulting countless other entrepreneurs. John is also a certified NFL agent that has negotiated millions in player contracts. Follow John on Twitter @playerceo