Bringing Your New Product to Market from Start to Finish

John Hernandez

John Hernandez

At Advican we love working with entrepreneurs that are innovating with fresh ideas to bring disruptive change. We are experts in bringing new consumer products to market in a cost-effective manner.

We facilitate bringing a product to market from ideation through design, manufacturing and market introduction. Basically we offer a total turnkey solution.

So let’s start from the beginning. You just figured out a need in the marketplace and can’t believe there is no product out there. How do I bring my product to market? What are the next steps? Honestly, the entire process can be quite daunting, cost you tons of money and unfortunately is riddled with pitfalls that will cost you even more money.

This is where Advican can add tremendous value to your mission and make your dreams become reality. We provide an innovative product development solution from start to finish.

First we start to flush out your concept, research your target market and work to ensure it becomes a viable product that will thrive in the marketplace. Our product designers will make sure your vision comes to fruition with a cutting edge product functionality and design. Our legal team will diligently protect your intellectual property in the global marketplace.

Our package designers will conceptualize packaging options that will stand-out from the competition. We will leverage a global network of offshore suppliers to make sure you manufacture your product at the lowest cost without sacrificing quality. Our logistics team will make certain your products are seamlessly shipped from the manufacturer, safely pass through Customs and land at your warehouse in a timely manner.

Our global team of sales reps will pitch your product to all major big box stores, specialty and local retailers. We will build out a distribution network that you could only dream of. Then when your product is well received and you need additional funds for your next large retail order, our bankers will step-in to factor that order so you are not financially over-extended.

We understand the entrepreneur because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. We have successfully brought many products to market. We intimately know the emotional roller coaster ride including all the highs and lows that small business owners go through on a daily basis.

Our clients are able to leverage external expertise to expand their products, services and market reach without the need to invest in building them with internal resources.

Let us assist you through the lifetime of your product cycle while we save you money, time and have you solely focusing on what you do best which is creating new products.

John Hernandez serves as the CEO and Senior Business Consultant of Advican, a boutique consulting firm helping small businesses reach their full potential. John has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in his own business ventures as well as consulting countless other entrepreneurs. John is also a certified NFL agent that has negotiated millions in player contracts. Follow John on Twitter @playerceo